Interweb Moodies

Hello fabulous humans!

Welcome to my little digital pinboard of my current life feels!

This is part of a project that the wonderful studio I work for, Bangers & Tash, (day job alert!) has asked each of it's little creative hobbitsies to develop as part of an inspiration session.

The first part of the brief was to write down all the values you hold in your life. My top five were narrowed down to laughter, family, adventure, imagination and lifestyle. The next part of the brief was for a moodboard (I've creatively nicknamed mine 'MB'), i.e. a gathering of photographs that represents how you saw you life and your future, based on your top 5 values.

Typically, I didn't completely read the brief properly, and got carried away drawing shit while I watched Son of Batman and didn't source any cool photographs. By the way, I would completely consider this trailer (top right) as part of my MB actually... considering it's awesomeness. But the son of Batman (Damian) is actually a right little wanker. Shame he becomes... *SPOILER ALERT*... JUST WATCH IT! FFS.

So, to the right you see a photograph of what I excused as my "physical" MB, and then further under my ramblings here, is what I gathered together as my digital MB. I also did a bit of research (after rereading the brief), and it seems that the internet thinks that to make a "moodboard", you should think of yourself as a curator and try to have meaning and little threads running from one image to the next. My brain is SO far from even that kind of order, that there's no chance what you see below it's going to make sense. This is because it is basically colourful, pretty, photographic, typographic, and sometimes rude, visual spew. If I've included it, it's because I think is truly awesome, it reflects a part of my personality or it means something to me. Therefore, nothing to you, except that it looks fucking cool.

For example, the lego in the walls? AWESOME!! So clever and simple, THERE'S EVEN ONE WITH LITTLE STEPS! The Leia & Han kiss? A piece of my soul stuck in a photograph from the 70's. The B&W photo of a baby's hands resting on his dad's tattooed hands? How I see my future. The gif of Hermoine's hair getting in Ron's eyes... cried laughing - MY NUMBER ONE VALUE! See, it all comes back around!

Photo credit goes to every life draining and fabulous addictive social media platform that I have a psychological and emotional battle with each day... PinterestWeHeartItTumblr, Instagram, Pinterest... Pinterest... I know I haven't sourced each photograph individually, so if you want me to credit something to you let me know!

Thankyooouuuuu interwebs.

PS. As an afterthought, I could have just linked the WHOLE of Pinterest and WeHeartIt and my job would have been done. Seriously. Life-sucking.