Gin & Juice
Creative cocktail served in our favourite way, poured over your wonderful vision and stirred with a little bit of collaboration. Equal parts imagination and originality, mixed with the good Gin (Ginni Leonard will do)!

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On the record

My name is Ginni Leonard, and although I am a designer, I like to think of design as only a part of who I am in my creative life. I am colourful, happy and starry-eyed with a love of hiking and being outdoors in the sunshine. I love to travel and enjoy finding inspiration for life in weird and wonderful places with amazing people around me. I strive to share positivity through all aspects of life, whether with my friends, family or by supporting various animal conservation and education programs.

Off the record

Listening: Aaradnha
Watching: Gilmore Girls.


Loving: You, Me & Bones
Missing: My brother, living in NYC.


Learning: Hand lettering
Weakness: Candles and all the cake.


And: I volunteer as a Primate keeper at Taronga Zoo!